Kat's Kampaign

The Party Meets
the beginning

They started as so many do, one brave soul given a task requiring the aid of others. In their case it was Gowan, a young paladin pledged to the church of Iomedae, tasked to investigate a potential incursion of orcs. He found worthy companions in the Thirsty Harpy, a local favorite of those looking for coin to line their pockets in trade for their skills. Xandarth the sly, and his companion Bob (who’s mother had no tongue for poetic names, as evidenced by his brothers, Fred, Phil and Rob) joined Gowan upon his task, and into the dark they went.

Upon their first outing Xandarth proved his worth to the group not with his knowledge of trappery, but rather with his skill with a thrown blade, bringing down a monsterous Dire Rat as it bore down on the party, and later by backing up the swords of his comrades in battle with a band of Orcs.

Bob, nearly cleaved in twine by a beast of an Orc, rallied, and slew the beast with not but one mighty blow in response to the wound given him, proving there is far more to a man than his name.

Gowan, being not only the employer to this motley band of adventurers, but the appointed leader put himself between danger and his men with every opportunity, doing the name of his God proud as his sword and shield defied his Orcen enemies. Not merely holding the line, Gowan succeeded in advancing and ending the combat, suffering a grievous wound in so doing.

With their enemies dispatched, Xandarth set to the untasteful act of looting the fallen, to determine how profitable their undertakings had been, and left the party pleased with his findings. Whilst Xandarth plundered, Gowan set and stabilized both Bob and himself, and the party prepared to return to Iomedea’s temple for much needed healing and rest.


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